Vertical vs Horizontal Blinds for Windows

Custom Hunter Douglas Blinds in Oklahoma City, OK Homes.

The Shady Lady Interiors – with a showroom conveniently located in OKC – offers information about the different styles of custom Hunter Douglas blinds, so you can decide which ones will work better in your home.

The type of blinds you choose to install for your windows can have dramatic effects on the lighting of a room, the fullness of a view, and how a room feels overall. One of the most important choices for each window is determining if vertical or horizontal blinds would work best. At The Shady Lady Interiors, we offer a wide variety of top-quality vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, and other window treatments at our showroom in Oklahoma City, OK.

First off, it’s crucial to be aware of what is needed for each room in your home, and how a window treatment can help. These sorts of factors include how much direct sunlight a room gets, what views are important to you, and what atmosphere you want to create in a room.

Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb is to stick with horizontal blinds for smaller, narrower windows and save vertical blinds for larger, wider windows - especially for sliding glass doors or if the window touches the floor.

Horizontal blinds have the advantage of taking up less space on the window when fully pulled up compared to vertical blinds. They also are easier to see through when they are still down but open, while vertical blinds will start to obstruct a view if you move to a different position. If you have a larger window that opens up to a cherished view or if lush greenery blocks much of the harsh sunlight, you may consider using horizontal blinds in order to bring the outdoor beauty in while providing some shade.

If a room tends to be hit with direct sunlight for a significant portion of the day and if the window seems wide enough, vertical blinds tend to be better suited for providing shade and keeping a room cool. This is because the individual panels on vertical blinds are usually thicker than on horizontal blinds. For larger windows especially, vertical blinds are going to be far easier to open all the way than horizontal blinds.

Another major factor to consider is the possibility of damage to your blinds. If you have pets or children, it may be best to avoid vertical blinds even on larger windows and to use drapes as an alternative. Since vertical blinds hang loosely, they tend to be more vulnerable to damage that can be caused by cats or dogs playing or children running around. Horizontal blinds typically take more intentional action to do any damage, although they do tend to collect more dust and will require more frequent cleaning.

Stop in at The Shady Lady Interiors showroom - serving Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas, including Edmond, Guthrie, Choctaw, Shawnee, Moore, Blanchard, Newcastle, Tuttle, Mustang, Yukon, and El Reno, OK - to see what options are best for your home. The innovative products we offer from Hunter Douglas go beyond just vertical blinds or horizontal blinds. Our friendly team will help you find the window treatments that are best suited for your home’s needs, style, and sense of comfort.