What Makes Honeycomb Shades Exceptional

What Makes Honeycomb Shades Exceptional in Living Rooms of Oklahoma City, OK Homes.

In this article, The Shady Lady Interiors – conveniently located in Oklahoma City, OK – is here to provide you with information on the benefits of Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades. We proudly offer the full line of Hunter Douglas window treatments.

Claiming the title of the pioneer of efficiency and design, Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades are not your ordinary window treatments. Instead of just blocking out the sun and offering privacy, cellular shades can reduce your energy use while looking great. Read on to discover exactly what makes honeycomb shades an exceptional option for your living space.


Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades, are not called the pioneer of efficiency for no reason! They are designed to stop you from losing your energy to your windows. In the winter, cellular shades will retain heat to keep your house warm and toasty without having to crank up the thermostat. In the summer, these shades will retain cool air so your AC does not have to work over time. Cellular shades work by trapping air in their pockets. This creates insulation that will result in reduce energy consumption and reduced future energy bills. Honeycomb shades come in both a single-cell option and the Duette® Architella® option, which has a honeycomb within a honeycomb for maximum efficiency.

Custom to Your Taste

Efficiency should not come at the cost of boring designs. Luckily, with the customization available with honeycomb shades, the world is your oyster. In fact Hunter Douglas workers travel all over the world to find the best fabrics that will make your living space pop. These cellular shades come in multiple styles of fabric, pleat sizes, colors, opacities and textures. Whether you want bright red shades or neutral colored shades, you can let your inner stylist shine with honeycomb.

Great for All Windows

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, so shouldn’t blinds? At Hunter Douglas, the answer is yes. Whether you have horizontal or vertical windows, cellular shades are designed to cover both. This makes honeycomb shades perfect for windows ranging from small kitchen windows to large sliding doors. In addition, cellular shades are able to open from the top and bottom for easy use and come in a variety of light-control selections.

Compatible with Operating Systems

Honeycomb shades step up the game by being compatible with several operating systems that let your windows work for you. One operation system is the PowerView® Motorization. This system lets you schedule when you want your windows to open and shut so you never have to lift a finger again. Want your shades to rise at 7AM on the weekdays and 10:30 AM on the weekends? No problem. With PowerView® Motorization, your cellular shades will work for you. You can even control your cellular shades with your voice.


Energy-efficient, good looking, great for all shapes and sizes, and compatible with cool technologies, it is no wonder that cellular shades are exceptional. If you are ready to welcome the pioneer of efficiency and design into your home, be sure to contact or visit The Shady Lady Interiors today! We are located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and proudly servee the Greater Oklahoma City Metro and the surrounding areas of Edmond, Guthrie, Choctaw, Shawnee, Moore, Blanchard, Newcastle, Tuttle, Mustang, Yukon, and El Reno.