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Why Every Room Needs Automated Shades

Every room in our home needs different things.

A bedroom needs a comfortable bed and shades that will block out the light and prevent noise from waking us up. A living room needs a comfy couch and entertainment system that is perfect for friends and family to come over and enjoy. The kitchen needs all of the fixings to create a great meal. A dining room needs a long table that allows us to celebrate special occasions with our closest people.

Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)

Of course, there is one feature that can be placed in every single room that enhances your whole home: automated shades.

Designed to bring ease and convenience to your windows, automated shades with PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas adjust, open, and close your window treatments via the PowerView® App on your smartphone or tablet, the Pebble® Control, or even with your voice when synced up to a compatible smart-home system.


Adding automated shades to bedrooms immediately upgrades your place of peace and rest to a space of luxurious relaxation.

For example, as you get ready for bed, you can schedule your shades to close at the same time every night. This means that you can immediately get into bed and unwind, without having to worry about your window treatments being open. On the flipside, you can schedule your window treatments to open at a certain time in the morning so that you can wake up to natural lighting instead of waking up in the dark to a shrieking alarm clock. By scheduling your shades on your schedule, you can achieve your best night’s rest and refreshing mornings every day.

Living Rooms & Media Rooms

When you are entertaining in your living room or media room, the last thing you want to do is get up to close your shades or constantly move your window treatments as the sun rises and sets to avoid that afternoon glare on your windows. With automated shades from Hunter Douglas, you can adjust up to six window treatments at once with the Pebble® Control. This system comes with a sleek wall mount that lets you keep track of it for easy access. Or, if you really want to impress your friends and family, or you simply don’t feel like getting up, you can say, “Alexa? Close the living room shades,” or “Okay, Google. Close the media room shades.” After, you can sit back and relax as PowerView® Automation does the rest.


If you have ever been in the middle of cooking, the last thing that you want to do is wash your hands, adjust your window treatments, and then get back into what you were doing. Since cooking is often a very time-specific endeavor, you might not even have time to do that. As a result, you might get sunlight in your eyes or have everybody on the outside be able to investigate what’s going on inside your kitchen. That is where automated shades from Hunter Douglas come to the rescue. When you connect the system to your favorite smart-home device, you can use your voice to achieve light control and privacy.

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