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Benefits of PowerView® Automation

There are many things to love about our window treatments. They let in soft lighting throughout the day to fill our home with bright light, allow us to enjoy privacy when we need a mouse, and prevent glare from bouncing off our screens when we decide to do a movie night. However, one thing that can get a little annoying is constantly getting up to adjust your window treatments throughout the day. Whether you want to redirect sunlight, enjoy the shade, or enjoy privacy, changing your shades throughout the day can be downright exhausting.

Benefits of PowerView® Automation, Hunter Douglas Benefits of PowerView® Automation near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK)

Plus, this can be more annoying when you are in a hurry to leave the house and don’t have time to shut all your window treatments. You don’t want to be late for work, but you also don’t want to have the entire world look into your home when the shades are drawn or have constant sunlight streaming into your home, heating it or damaging your interiors. Fortunately, that’s where PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas comes in handy.

Benefit 1: Your Schedule

No two schedules are alike. Perhaps you are a student, a third-shift worker, or someone who just has a lot going on throughout the day. Regardless of what your schedule is like, one of the benefits of PowerView® Automation is that you can schedule your window treatments to move whenever you wish. For example, you can create Scenes in the PowerView® App that adjust your window treatments automatically throughout the day. You don’t have to do a single thing. You can create a Good Morning Scene that opens your window treatments at 8 AM and a Goodbye Scene that closes them when you go to work. Or, you can create a Movie Night Scene that shuts your shades while you settle in for a movie. These can be done in real-time or automated in the future.

Benefit 2: Various Options

In addition to PowerView® Automation, there are several other options when it comes to PowerView® Automation. You can use the sleek Pebble® Control, a remote-control device that lets you adjust up to six window treatments at once, or you can connect your PowerView® Automation to your favorite smart-home device to control your window treatments with your voice. All you have to say is, “Hey, Siri? Shut bedroom blinds.” Or, “Okay, Google, open living room blinds at 8 AM every Monday.” Then, you simply have to relax and watch the system do the rest.

Benefit 3: Safety

Another one of the benefits of PowerView® Automation is added safety. A cordless operating system, PowerView® Automation is perfect for kids’ rooms or homes that need to avoid trips and tangles. Additionally, PowerView® Automation can be operated from anywhere in the world, so if you forget to close your window treatments. At the same time, at the office or on vacation, simply open the app and shut your window treatments from afar. This will prevent anyone from looking into your home. Finally, if you have hard-to-reach windows, you don’t have to step on a chair to adjust them. PowerView® Automation will allow you to close this window treatment safely from the ground, no matter how you operate it.


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